Dental x-rays are a standard part of care here at Discovery Dental. Dr. Vanama uses several types of x-rays to help detect and treat any oral health issues you may have. As with other procedures, you may have concerns about the cost and wonder “How much are dental x-rays?” Fortunately, all types of x-rays are relatively inexpensive and covered by most insurance companies. However, you should check with your individual provider to ensure coverage as well as determine if you have a co-pay or deductible to meet.

Types of X-rays You May Need and Their Cost

Dr. Vanama may order one or more of the following types of digital x-rays depending on your situation:

  • Bitewing: These routine x-rays show your dentist how your upper and lower teeth align together. They also highlight any areas of decay between the teeth due to gum disease or bone decay. The typical cost for bitewing x-rays is up to $25 for a single x-ray and up to $100 for all four.
  • Occlusal: This type of x-ray is not common. Dr. Vanama may use it if she is looking for a jaw fracture, extra teeth, a cyst or abscess, foreign objects in the mouth, or a cleft palate. An occlusal x-ray costs up to $40 and shows the roof and floor of the mouth.
  • Panoramic: Also called a radiographic x-ray, this provides a broad view of the mouth, teeth, jaws, and sinuses. You or a family member may need a panoramic x-ray when getting braces or when Dr. Vanama is looking for an impacted tooth, an infection, fractures, tumors, and other oral abnormalities. The cost is up to $150.
  • Periapical: This is similar to a bitewing x-ray except with more detail. It shows Dr. Vanama your entire tooth from the crown to the root. This is helpful in looking for a cyst, tumor, or abscess. A periapical x-ray may cost up to $30 for a single x-ray and up to $250 for your entire mouth.

When you come in for a check-up, Dr. Vanama or her assistant tells you if you need an x-ray, the reasons for ordering it, and which type you need. If you have additional questions about dental x-rays, including cost and insurance questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Discovery Dental in Issaquah.

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