Dental Bonding in Issaquah

Dr. Vanama can repair chipped, stained, or crooked teeth with dental bonding at her Issaquah practice.

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What is Dental Bonding?

An affordable and conservative cosmetic solution.

Bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that helps to disguise minor imperfections in your smile. The types of issues most appropriate for dental bonding are chips, cracks, stains, and misshapen teeth. When you visit Dr. Vanama at Discovery Dental, she will let you know if this procedure is right for your situation.

As an experienced dentist in Issaquah, she provides patients with as many options as possible. One clear advantage of dental bonding is that it is more conservative and costs less than other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

What to Expect from the Dental Bonding Process

Color Matching

Before placing the white bonding agent on your teeth, Dr. Vanama makes sure that it matches the shade of the rest of your teeth as closely as possible.

Strong Fit

She then roughens the surface of the tooth or teeth to receive bonding and applies a conditioning liquid. This ensures that the bonding material will adhere to your teeth.

Custom Fit

Next, she applies tooth-colored resin to the treated area. She takes her time molding and shaping the resin so the treated tooth matches the appearance of your other teeth.

Smile Faster

Once Dr. Vanama has prepared the tooth and placed the conditioning liquid and resin, she uses a curing light to force the materials to harden. This process takes around two minutes. The entire process of dental bonding normally takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

Very nice staff and the doctor is amazing. They make sure you have a good experience here. The office is very clean as well. Would recommend!

Yuan T., Actual Patient

After You Receive Dental Bonding

Although bonding is a quick and inexpensive cosmetic fix, it is not as durable as other types of restorations. That means it can wear away or break easier and need to be replaced. Before you leave our office, Dr. Vanama or a member of her staff will instruct you on how to care for your newly bonded teeth so the cosmetic enhancement lasts for many years. We encourage you to let us know right away if your dental bonding needs repair. Dr. Vanama can typically accomplish this in a single session.

Dental Bonding as an Alternative to Amalgam Fillings

Dr. Vanama can also use bonding material to fill cavities rather than giving you a traditional metal filling. Many patients prefer this because it is not obvious to others that they have had dental work completed. Please let your dentist in Issaquah know if you’re interested in this option for new fillings or to replace existing fillings.

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