Emergency Dentistry

For emergency dental care, please call our Issaquah practice at (425) 295-7975 right away.

Are you having a dental emergency? Call Discovery Dental at 425-295-7975 right away

If you are experiencing a lot of pain, be sure to call us at our emergency hotline as soon as possible. If you are unable to reach us during or after our office hours, please dial 911.

Accidents concerning teeth are sometimes unavoidable. These may happen when one engages in contact sports, working with fast-moving machinery, or even something as common as eating.

The following conditions are some examples of circumstances which would warrant seeking the advice and professional assistance of an Issaquah emergency dentist:

  • Broken and knocked-out tooth/teeth

  • Broken dental appliance (fillings, veneers, implants, bridges, crowns, etc.)

  • Broken jaw caused by facial trauma

  • Exposed nerve giving you a sharp, throbbing pain for hours on end

  • Any type of severe pain affecting your teeth and gums

The dental emergency Issaquah patients experience can happen to anyone at any place, and at any given time, and it is reassuring to know what to do and where should you go during such a stressful situation.

You should not ignore these problems as these could put your oral health in danger. The best emergency dentist Issaquah Highlands has to offer will be able to immediately assess the situation and come up with the proper medical intervention to resolve your case. Depending on what your emergency dentist sees, the right treatment will be administered immediately.

I had visited Dr. Vanama's clinic on a Saturday due to an emergency. She was very considerate and understanding, and within a few hours, the procedure was complete. She is very skilled, professional, and all the staff are very extremely friendly and helpful. I'm very glad that they helped me in my time of need even though they had other commitments on that day. I would highly recommend Discovery Dental to anyone that wants to get a dental procedure.

Rohit G., Actual Patient

Have a Dental Emergency in the Issaquah Highlands?

Our emergency dentist in Washington, Dr. Vanama, can accommodate you. Call us right away!

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