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State-of-the-Art Technologies at Discovery Dental

Nowadays, many innovations are available in the market to make our lives easier and improve efficiency. In the field of dentistry, it is important that your dentist has the most advanced equipment and facilities available. This will not only make dental restorations easier to perform, but also provide dentists the proper resources to provide their patients with a proper and accurate assessment of their dental health.

One of the state-of-the-art dental technologies available in our office is Digital X-Rays. Digital X-rays provide our staff and our patients enhanced computer images of their teeth, gums, and other oral structures with greater safety than traditional X-ray technology.

Digital X-rays can be performed both inside and outside the mouth. Intraoral X-rays, (commonly referred as inside mouth X-rays), are the most common dental X-rays taken. They produce images of the mouth in great detail and are used to detect the presence of cavities, check the status of developing teeth in children, and analyze the health of both the jawbone and teeth. Extraoral X-rays, (commonly referred as outside-mouth X-rays), on the other hand, are used to detect impacted teeth, identify problems between teeth, and Temporomandibular Joint problems (TMJ).

Benefits of Digital X-Rays For Your Oral Health

Here are some benefits of digital x-rays:
  • They reveal small hidden areas of decay between teeth and beneath existing restorations (fillings), highlight the presence of gum disease, jawbone infections, tooth or gum abscesses, and cysts.

  • Detect the presence of developing lumps and tumors which cannot be detected with a visual dental checkup.

  • Digital x-rays can be viewed right away on any computer screen with the capability to enhance the contrast and show more details.

  • Early detection and treatment of serious problems can save time, money, and discomfort.

  • Greater data storage

  • Can be easily transferred to other dental offices

  • Reduced exposure to ionizing radiation

  • Can be securely stored in electronic patient database records

I absolutely love my dentist. She is gentle and kind and I would have to say that my experience has always been pain-free. All of the staff at Discovery Dental are wonderful people. It is nice to finally deal with a front office that has experienced workers. My hats off to the girl that runs the front desk. Can you tell this means a lot to me? Well, it does and this is why I like Discovery Dental. Everyone there is fantastic at their job and takes very good care of their clients.

Tracy P., Actual Patient

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With digital x-rays, your dental appointment takes less time and identifies your dental problems much easier so that treatments are correct and accurate, while being safer than traditional x-rays.
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