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Your Issaquah Dentist Dr. Vanama Can Be a Key Contributor to Optimal Total Body Health

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Dentistry for Total Body Wellness

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What is Oral Systemic Health?

Oral Systemic Health

Oral health is more than beautiful teeth. Our body is an intricate system and everything is connected.

A healthy mouth means a healthy body. Most people don’t realize that maintaining your oral health will affect your overall health. How?

One key factor is gum disease (or periodontal disease). Gum disease is caused by certain bacteria, yeasts or viruses that live around the teeth. When your gums bleed, the bacteria can enter your bloodstream and spread to your entire body. The result is inflammation, damage to other body functions, and potential disease.

The more attacks your body defends and the longer it must fight, the more often it leads to serious diseases like:

  • cardiovascular disease – people with gum disease are 2.5 times more likely to suffer heart attacks!
  • diabetes – certain oral conditions can increase your risk of becoming diabetic or pre-diabetic and cause diabetic complications.
  • Alzheimer’s disease – higher levels of antibodies to oral bacteria are associated with increased inflammation in the body, which is linked to greater rates of cognitive decline.
  • stroke

Dentistry That Goes Beyond Teeth

Dr. Madhuri Vanama and the entire Discovery Dental team are committed to providing the best possible care to their patients. By recognizing the connection between dental health and overall health your Issaquah dentist has the potential to help you improve:

Quality of Your Life

Your Vitality

Length of Your Life

Do you already suffer from a chronic systemic disease? Are you concerned about your risk for heart disease or Alzheimer’s?

You may be surprised how your dentist can help you! Download our free eBook to see if you are a candidate who would benefit from oral systemic health dentistry.

You can be sick with a healthy mouth but you can’t be healthy with a sick mouth.

This new approach to dentistry is being recognized worldwide, including by Dr. Madhuri Vanama. As a member of both Kois Center and The Wellness Dentistry Network, Dr. Vanama embraces oral systemic health and collaborates with medical doctors for better patient health.

Discover the benefits of Oral Systemic Health Dentistry on our blog.

It’s Never Been More Important to See Your Dentist

Not all dentists are aware of the oral-systemic health connection!

Schedule a consultation with your Issaquah dentist, Dr. Vanama, who is aware of oral systemic health at Discovery Dental. Your examination will include:

  • a thorough evaluation of your risk factors for systemic diseases
  • discussion of your completed questionnaire (download your free copy here)
  • recommendations for diagnostic tests (such as MyPerioPath® which detects pathogens that cause gum disease)
  • a personalized treatment plan to help you manage your disease
Dentistry for Total Body Wellness

Let's get healthy!

Oral health is more than just white teeth. Our bodies are connected in many intricate ways.

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