Join our Issaquah Highlands Dentistry Halloween Candy Buy Back Event

As Halloween approaches, kids start to dream about all the candy they will collect. Discovery Dental invites you to join us in starting a new tradition this year with our Halloween Candy Buy Back! Come to our Issaquah Highlands dentistry office Wednesday, November 2 from 9am – 6pm and Saturday, November 5 from 10am – 3pm and we’ll buy your candy! For every pound of candy, you will receive $1.

How does it work? And why would my children want to participate?

How the Discovery Dental Halloween Candy Buy-Back works

How to Encourage Your Children

As a parent, you know how important healthy teeth are for your precious children, and how damaging sugar can be. Halloween is a special time for kids, and we’re not saying they can’t have ANY candy! Here are some ways to get your children onboard:

  • Sharing is caring – in cooperation with Operation Gratitude, your donated candy will be sent to our troops overseas. Imagine how thrilled a service member will be to receive a personalized care package with some sorely missed treats from home! Encourage your child to write a letter or make a drawing and tell our heroes “WE CARE!”
  • Choose the top 10 – get your young one to choose his favorite 10 pieces and sell the rest
  • Munch then brush – select a specific time to enjoy the treats and make sure they brush afterward. This will prevent those pesky cavities and keep those chompers squeaky clean.

We are really excited to see if we can beat last year’s record of collected candy at this year’s Halloween Candy Buy Back event! We will be collecting up to 200 lbs of candy. Let’s see how close we can get!

Help your Issaquah Highlands dentists support the troops and promote children’s dental health.

For more information, call our office at (425) 295-7975 or visit the Operation Gratitude website.

Share this promotion with your friends and family so everyone can maintain their pearly whites this Halloween!


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