Invisalign is one of the major manufacturers of clear plastic braces that are popular with adults and teenagers alike. These types of braces offer several advantages, including greater comfort, shorter treatment time, and the ability to be discrete about your orthodontic treatment. Although most dental insurance providers cover some of the cost of orthodontia, it is typically not more than 50 percent. Because of the out-of-pocket cost, people naturally want to know “How much is Invisalign?” We encourage you to check your benefits as well as take advantage of Invisalign promos when planning your treatment.invisalign

Invisalign Cost

The typical cost of Invisalign is $6,500 across the United States. With Invisalign, you wear a customized plastic aligner that you swap out for a new one approximately every two weeks. Since the aligners are clear, most people can’t even see them. You also don’t need to visit our office as often for appointments. Invisalign clear aligners are comfortable enough to wear all day and night, except when you eat or need to clean them.

Paying for Your Invisalign Treatment

After your insurance company remits payment, you are responsible for paying the remaining balance at the time of service. To make this more affordable for you, we work with Care Credit, CITI, and Springstone third-party financing companies. These organizations specialize in making out-of-pocket healthcare expenses more manageable. If you qualify, you can make monthly payments with a small interest charge added each month. You can also put the remaining balance on a major credit card. We will talk more about financing options as well as how orthodontic treatments work at your consultation.

Misaligned, crowded, or crooked teeth are more than just a cosmetic concern. They are also difficult to keep clean, which can lead to tooth decay and other serious dental issues. Don’t delay in scheduling your first appointment to see if Invisalign is the right choice for you.

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