Whether your teenager needs braces or you’re an adult thinking about orthodontic treatment for yourself, cost is definitely a factor. Wearing braces to align the teeth requires a time commitment of approximately two years as well as a financial commitment. Fortunately, many dental insurance companies cover at least some of the cost of treatment. You may also be able to use your Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account to pay for amounts that aren’t covered. Even so, most people want to know “How much do braces cost?” before they start treatment.

Average Orthodontic Treatment Cost

Nationwide, the average cost of orthodontic treatment with traditional metal braces is $5,200. However, that figure may not include all costs associated with orthodontic treatment. Some additional fees might be assessed for the initial consultation, retainers if you or your child require them, and using ceramic instead of metal for the wires and brackets. When you meet with Dr. Vanama for the first time about your options for tooth alignment, she will provide you with a complete cost breakdown for Discovery Dental.

Invisalign: Slightly Costlier but More Convenient

Invisalign is an alternative form of orthodontic treatment that uses clear plastic aligners to straighten the teeth. Dr. Vanama customizes the fit of each tray based on your mouth size and the treatment goals the two of you discussed in advance. The current nationwide average cost for Invisalign clear aligners is $6,500. However, treatment times tend to be much shorter than the typical 24 months required for traditional metal braces. Additionally, the aligners are not as visible to others as metal braces are. This is an especially attractive option for adults who want to be more discreet about their dental treatment.

Contact Us with Financial Concerns or Other Questions

Dr. Vanama and the entire staff at Discovery Dental want to see you or your child get the orthodontic services necessary for proper alignment, a normal bite, and a more attractive smile. We are here to help in any way we can, including assisting you with reviewing your payment options for orthodontic treatment. Please contact the office staff at Discovery Dental to schedule an appointment to learn more about your traditional braces and Invisalign options.

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