There is no question that dental implants offer numerous advantages over traditional removable dentures. Since they are permanent, they allow you to speak and chew without worrying about something slipping out of place. Your new replacement teeth appear as natural as the teeth remaining in your mouth. That is because Dr. Vanama takes special care to match the shape, color, and shade of your implanted dentures to your existing teeth. Lastly, dental implants give you a stronger bite and don’t weaken surrounding teeth by relying on them for support.

When Might a Bone Graft Be Necessary?

A dental implant involves placing small titanium screws in your jaw to hold the new teeth in place. The amount of dental screws required depends on how many teeth you are missing. In some cases, patients don’t have enough bone in the area of the intended implant to support it fully. If Dr. Vanama discovers this during her examination, she needs to perform a bone graft before she can place the supporting rods for your dental implant.

When a bone graft for dental implant is required, Dr. Vanama removes a small amount of bone from another area of your mouth and transfers it to the area receiving the implant. Typically, the transplanted bone comes from your chin area or from the back of your jaw where you may have had wisdom teeth at one time. She applies a numbing anesthetic during the procedure to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. If Dr. Vanama needs to remove a diseased tooth, she usually completes the bone graft at that time.

Contact Discovery Dental to Learn More

Making the choice to receive dental implants and undergo bone grafting are both big decisions that require you to consider many factors. We encourage you to schedule a consultation for dental implants at Discovery Dental to learn more about the entire procedure. Dr. Vanama will discuss the pros and cons as well as the best way to care for your new implants if you do decide to get them

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